Supply 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder 1KG, ≥ 50% Chlorogenic Acid


Product introduction:Green coffee bean extract from rubiaceae plant small fruit, fruit in the coffee, and a large fruit coffee seeds. Its main ingredients for chlorogenic acid, have step-down, antitumor, kidney, such as antioxidant effect, also can be used as a health food, it is sweet and tastes good. Chinese name: 绿咖啡豆提取物 English name: Green Coffee Bean Extrac Source: the seed of CoffeaarabicaL 、 CoffeacanephoraPierreexFroehn、 CoffealibericaBul1.exH1en Effective components: Chlorogenic acid)10%; Chlorogenic acid50%; Chlorogenic acids50% Traits: Light yellow powder MORE DETAIL PLEAES CONTACT.